Anti-funneling mechanic is more than necessary on Twisted Treeline

Welcome to the thread. Today, I will try to bring out the problem of the funneling strategy that has been plaguing the Twisted Treeline for years... a strategy that is enforced by premades "abusing" the Flex system of Twisted Treeline Ranked mode, and that is basically not counterable by picks or bans. TL;DR low risk - high reward strategy that doesn't involve much skill, preys on the nature of Twisted Treeline's Flex Que. Cannot be countered unless the same strategy is being employed by the other team, due to the map being small enough to allow the funnelers to dictate the tempo of the game. The strategy is of a typical funneling nature, you have one player willing to sit all game and play a utility champion and let his ally pick up both the jungle and one of the lanes. Now, the problem occurs when the other team, who are not premade, and use the default strategy consisting of two players taking a lane each and one player taking the jungle. On one side, you will have a power-farmed bruiser, like {{champion:2}} {{champion:104}} or a hyper scaling late game choice {{champion:11}} {{champion:10}} , and on the other, you will have equal gold distribution on all three players. I dare remind you how destructive funneling strategy was for Summoners Rift, the infamous {{champion:44}} {{champion:11}} , so much so that both of these received nerfs, and since that wasn't enough, they introduced the anti-funneling mechanic. Now, before you guys say: "But just ban out the worst offenders if you can't play against the strategy," I am just going to list you all of the picks that work for this, and are more or less equally unstoppable: Junglers {{champion:11}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:24}} Supports {{champion:201}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:111}} (basically anything tanky with a form of CC) The main problem is that the map is not large enough for you to avoid the funnelers and just push a lane or stretch them out as you could do in Summoners Rift. The carry picks up the whole jungle (does it really quickly with the help of a support), then moves on into lane and clears it, goes back into jungle for another round and comes back with a Warrior Enchanted jungle item. And then you pretty much lose the game from that point on because each of this hyper carries is accompanied by a bulky support who can lock you down and enable their funnel-buddy to just wreck the enemy team. One more important factor as to why is funneling such a problem is that having only three players per team increases the success rate of this strategy, as the opponents are less likely to have enough CC/burst damage to kill the carry. To conclude and make my point, I believe that these reasons are more than enough to implement such a simple change for the better of Twisted Treeline. I know that all these people who are abusing funneling will probably just swap the Smite out, but that could be just enough to allow the opposing team to rush their towers and make them lose farm in lane, effectively slowing down the carry so that the game would go just long enough for everybody on your team to either catch up, or try to collapse on the due in the jungle (as they will have both the lane and the jungle pressure).
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