Autofill dodging and then get poor matchmaking?

Firstly I'm against the autofill system. I'm a jungle main if I get anything other than my main role or secondary (Top) I will dodge the game. Reason behind this is every-time I get autofilled I automatically land in the support role which I despise. Granted if I was given mid or adc I'd probably have a go at it but not support. Now what I've noticed is for every time I get autofilled and dodge. Which can happens numerous times in a row (2-3) I'll eventually get matched up in a game with my main role however it later turns out that I'm matched with ricky %%%%%%o who has no idea what the hell they're doing or lead to the eventual feeding and losing of the game as enemy laner then snowballs and they lose the will to carry on. At this point in the game I can clearly see that the game is going to end up in a loss so I just leave the game. Now this pattern of dodging when autofill is activated followed by matchmaking into main role and then playing one of the above game examples. has happened to myself roughly 85% of the time. I know in the PBE updates they've shown you can exclude a single role that you dislike but I haven't seen it in any patches to the current client. Can anyone shine a light on to what is being done about this or if they've experience the same pattern of matchmaking?
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