Teamfighting as Zed

Hello everybody, my name is Gloopann and I am thinking about maining Zed (again :)) Anyway, I absolutely LOVE the champion, but there is one thing I am not too happy about him: TEAMFIGHTS. Yes, you can jump on a enemy ADC and kill them, but what to do after that?? Should you just back off or stay in a fight and maybe poke other enemies, or just avoid teamfighting in first place and just stick to split-pushing? Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention... Maybe it is just me but iz seems like I am dealing absolutely no damage to tankier champions... Probably it is my problem, but if you are expiriencing this problem yourself please tell me because I have a friend that is telling me that Zed is absolutely fine in late game but it seems to me like he falls off a little... Anyway; please share some tips and tricks on teamfighting as Zed because I am sure that I am not the only one who doesn't know what to do as Zed when you are facing more enemies:) P.S. Sorry for my bad english:) English is not my native language and feel free to tell me if I spelled something incorrectly... And, this is my first post, so excuse me if you think it is not really good:)
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