Who else deliberately plays unpopular champions?

Hey i just wanted to find out if anyone else share my "screw what is meta" mindset. The thing behind this is: if you play a rare champion you give yourself an advantage, as your oponents usually lack experience in dealing with your champion. and this is often enough to win lanes and games. An example: {{champion:98}} main faces a {{champion:92}} main in lane. from my experience this is a pretty even matchup, as Shen is tanky so he has the right tools to deny Riven a snowball, but Riven is mobile AF allowing her to play around spirit blade and a taunt. However Riven is a popular champion and Shen is not. This means that a Shen main will have more Shen vs Riven games under his belt than a Riven main played Riven vs Shen. and that difference can be crucial.

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