The... 8 lvl Chempion Maestry !

Welcome League of Legends Community! In our game there are more and more news and upgrades, for example new honor system, it seems so much better way to honor people for their good behaviour than the old one I'd like to mention Champion Maestry that doesnt allow us further progress. Actually maximum level is 7. I think that a lot of people have from a couple to a parrot Champions mastered.. And.. Whats next? I propose the next level, level 8! Later there can be level 9 or 10 but now lets focus on Just this one. Here is the idea: The Player that gets rate S+ will get a token. After getting 3 tokens well be able to create 8 lvl emote. It will cost 700 Blue essence in "Loot". The maestry would be in Gold color with additional little enchantments like.. Wider graphics with the little, thiner banners on the sides also in Gold color. I need another goals in League of Legends ^ ^. Write your comments below! Sevi and Oriie Veshalen
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