Fiora does not beat jax.

Not everyone says this but why does a lot of people say this? The only way fiora can POSSIBLY win is if she can hit the jax stun with riposte and even if she does stun him it isn't guaranteed a win for her. Jax has too much dps with rage blade or tf and gunblade combined with burst damage. Also if fiora needs the stun to win, jax doesn't need to use his dodge at all. I mean sure at lower levels and mid game she can win a few trades. But I think some people don't know that his dodge is the major reason he is good at dueling. Fiora has true damage but in order for that to do big damage she has to build a lot of ad and she will be squishy and be bursted by jax. And if she goes even a little close to bruiser she will not be close to matching jax's damage output. So I still consider jax a major counter like before her rework.

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