Low priority queue

So yes I admit I did leave some games, and some games I had a disconnect and sum of all this resulted me in being on Riot's little naughty list. I admit all that right, and I even went through some major upgrades in my setup to prevent any further internet disconnections and am still planing on getting a wired connection. But here's the thing. I had a smaller delay in joining the game (first time that ever happened to me) so I was stuck at 53% when my friends in Discord told me the game has already started, so I just shut League down and opened it again only to see the game has already ended due to enemy also having one afk and they remade the match at min 3. I got 20 minutes q penalty for 5 games. %%%% off I didn't even have a fair chance to reconnect. I would come back to the game and would be able to play but the enemy team remade the match and why am I getting a penalty for that ?
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