Okay, I'm done with your match making policy RIOT.

I've played on multiple low level accounts (not doing RAF fraud or anything, just experimenting). 4/5 times the moment I hit a victory spree the next matches I constantly got A LOT weaker allies. They constantly lost their lanes with abnormal scores (1-10 etc) and after some time they just disconnected or were AFK in spawn platform or just kept walking into enemies. I know this is no coincidence, because having same thing on 4-5 accounts RIGHT AFTER 5-6 game victory spree to get EPIC feeders and AFK'ers, is no coincidence. Now when I'm playing on a account I planned on staying I have the same thing. I should've noticed it before I lost 5 matches in row because of trolls. But I didn't, I was blinded by the urge to play and get another victory scored. Now I'm in a situation where I'm again angry or frustrated and little depressed, because my good W/L turned into crap. Also I'm in a situation where I can't join another Queue because it's VERY high chance I'll get another team of feeders and leavers. You know GL;HF (get leavers, have feeders). I KNOW I'm not the only person noticing this sort of a pattern, so what do you guys do? What should I do? I can't keep on playing bot games until level 30, it isn't fun, rewarding nor does it give me experience. EDIT: I know these people are NOT new players. Their names are like "champion name XXXXX" or "smurf XXXX" , they will completely rage and flame when you don't pick a support or jungle for their benefit. They flame you for no "ss" when enemy walked through 3 wards and they didn't manage to notice them...
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