Speculations over new champion, seen on the new school splashart

Top right - Behind the window can be seen 2 characters. One looks awfully like "Sinful Succulence Morgana", also known as the Baker Morgana skin. Only differences are that Morgana has a neck, has a different chef's hat, different apron, and wings, so I doubt its her. Could be a puppet cause of the missing neck, and the semi-maid costume. The object in the middle, looking similar to a barrel or hammer which lacks a handle. Cant be distinguished to whom of the characters it belongs, or what it really could be. Finally, the character on the right. He's muscular so it could be Mundo or Braum eventhrough I doubt it. But doesnt resemble anything else I can think of, so it could be the next upcoming champion to be released Seeing how everything's positioned in one window indicates that this is most likely a sneak peak, rather than some random decor since the other windows are either blurred out "door", or almost fully hidden "Ahri tails". Thoughts? Also, Vlad is having a bad day, as seen right over the desk he's sitting on. Looks like Ekko noticed, and turned away from it with disgust. EDIT: Got some good ideas that this could actually be a Yorick rework, which synergises with the random weird neckless mannequin in front of him, and the shovel-like object between the characters.

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