S10 is designed to make people win not higher than 50+-5 = coinflip

im sure i gonna meet here d4 hardstucks who think they know something about this game and gonna say something like AHH IT just becasue u are BAD and u can't carry ur TEAM it's fair riot made great system!! coinflip eevery %%%%ing game also no champions that can 1 v 9 in terms of that... if u get bad team there is NO WAY to carry u just cant.. then people tilt then people play worse and with this ofc METa im not gonna talk about this even jungle just unplayable if u dont play right champ like elise li seen olaf other junglers aswell can't get higher than toplaner even if they full clear enemy and their jungle camps... aaaaaaaaahh looks balanced! all champs also disbalanced aphelios that got ban in almost every game! looks cool gj great company u have 10 seasons of experience and u not gonna even ask players bout what they want what they dont like and this thread gonna be closed with words like it won't help game or what they usually write maybe u say im toxic or dikhea* and i cant even talk normally i played twitch jungle now it's totally destroyed coz of meta just all around meta riot never gonna ask usual players all eyes on pro scene ofc maybe im talking thing that people said 1000 times already but cba but the feeling when u spend on this game so much time and all this time just becomes totally useless in 1 moment
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