Doom bots lvl 100 (Completed) complaint

Hello, This is my feedback for this gamemode. I am looking at people's posts and I see only complaints about this mode difficulty. Did you ever try more than one game in order to advance on difficulties, or you just threw yourself into 100 and cry endless tears? In my case, I grouped up with people I never played with (joined some doom bots group in public chats) and started sharpening our strategy towards victory. We were not training at easier levels since we wanted to beat it at 100. The result: 8 hours in a row playing lvl 100 until we got to win. I know many people beat it in 4-5 tries or even less, and I'm gold IV so I'm not trying to show off any hilarious skill either. I just want to show to all complainers and Riot that it's possible and probably not worth trying since the lack of a reward. I really got put down when I heard there was no icon for beating the maximum difficulty. To Riot: Rather than a decision made by people's complaints, you should make decisions to praise people's real efforts. If it's so hard to beat it, and you don't want people to feel embarrassed with it, then lower the maximum level so that everyone can get the icon everybody will have in 10 minutes and move on. If tou decide to throw such a difficulty mode (which reminded me about the mad king clock tower in guild wars 2, in terms of difficulty), make sure there is at least a reward for it, because now it feels like a rip off to my memory. Its true I am happy I beat it, but it feels a bitter victory rather than a sweet one
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