Good ELO? Good stats? OTP? Clash is not for you

I don't get what hell is the point of **INSPECTING** enemy team in Clash and let enemies know my exact stats and even mastery points! I'm an OTP Shen with 2 millions mastery points. Guess what? Shen first ban all the times. ALWAYS! I just wanted to play Clash with friends. They're all Silvers and few Golds. I'm Diamond. Not only I can't play my champ (enemy team see DIAMOND and perma-ban all my champs!!!) but my friends have to deal with such unbalanced matchups. It's not about winning or losing. It pisses me off that I'm bullied in champ selection just because I've a %%%%ing good ELO and stats and my friends have to deal with such stupid matchups where 1 diamond & 4 silvers play are equal to 5 platinums. I won't play this shit again.
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