Really average but cant be great

I've been playing lol since season 2 and it really ticks me off that i just can't get out of silver/gold. I consider myself being better than any at my rank since i've been watching guides, asking for advice and doing everything to get better but it just seems impossible. I don't know what is it but i have this same problem for so many games that i just get hard stuck at average rank in that games competitive mode even though i'm doing everything to learn. I consider myself being "jack of all trades but master of none" but then again i know so many that just get in the highest rank on their first couple hundred hours of gameplay. How do they do it? I have spent basically my whole youth for gaming just to be good in something and my biggest dream is hitting diamond in league. Is there anything i can do anymore to achieve my goal? (Dont look at my match history, havent had time to play this season at all so im very rusty atm) Aprecciate any help.

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