Thanks Riot! Finally getting a decent Teamplayers in Ranked :)

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Since the beginning of Season 9, Ranked Solo/Duo hasn't been the most enjoyable experience for me personaly. However today I acctually had a decent players on my Team. I was Ahri = mid, Jinx & Nautilus = bot, Kartus = jungle and Illaoi = top. Short recap of the game: * I ended up 3/3/18, and my farm was really really bad xD. However I landed many nice charms, was aware and helped my top, bot and jungler many times and saved them from dieing. Even had the most assists on my Team :D #supportahriforthewin * My Team wasn't flaming when I made a mistake (note I always apologized if i screwed up, but guess what - for a very very very very long time my team wasn't flaming me, teammates were acutally encouraging me that we got this and its all good), * We had very nice communication - my Team was listening to pings and was responding accordingly, had map awareness, etc. **So, Riot, please in the future, can I please get matched with those kind of players? :D** To be clear, even if I had lost that game, I wouldn't care much, because at least I have had decent players. So please, in the future make Ranked enjoyable by getting us descent players matched together. **ALSO A SUGGESTION TO KEEP NEGATIVE PLAYERS AWAY FROM RANKED:** If an individual player is showing a consistently bad behaviour (flame, toxicity, verbal abuse, AFK, inting, etc) in a Ranked game - how about, if you Riot lock the option for playing Ranked for those negative players? I mean banning them forever would be even greater. This is just a suggention, upvote or downvote it, however feel free to leave a construtive critisism below in the comments and what you think Riot should have done :) *EDIT: Or, another suggestion that I could think of: Every computer has a specific IP address right? So is it possible to lock one League of Legends account to one specific computer and its IP address? I mean that way, negative players can't create another multiple accounts, unless they own multiple computers. And i think those people definetly don't have access to buy and own unlimited amount of computers - like at the moment they can create multiple accounts and still continue to play this game with their negative behaviour. Anyway thank you for all of you who have been on my team in the matchup I linked above the post and being a decent human beings. <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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