Doesn't matter how good you are

It doesn't matter how good you are in this game, as long as the player you get on your team are bad you're going lose. At this point and there is not point carrying on ranked. I managed to obtain a majority of S-A+ in my last 10 game's apart from the one where either my team trolled or just out right left the game. In 10 game's i saw how pointless it is to try, when the rest of these guys just bring you down to their level, so looking at my stats for my champs they're around diamond level, but yet i'm playing with silvers. Who can't do the basics, even game i lost i was top dps, top objective take and cs'er. Ye i still get these guys who can't do the basic. This is account will be laid to reset as with this game, maybe next season they fix match making, and ill be able to play with people of the same level. Peace out. Those are my 10 game stats. My 2 promo's games first one Mid/adc/support 10 deaths. Second game bot useless once again, and mid Afk.
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