Stuck forever in platinum 1

This is my second season of playing league. Last season got to gold 2, this season in in high plat. Now heres my problem - im stuck in plat 1 for few months now. It feels like im here forever and im stuck. I just keep losing games when im fed, i cant carry, or i make mistake... and i just cant improve. I just want to hit that diamond to have my border, thats all. i main toplane, the "island", or the isolated lane, however you want to call it. theres pretty much NOTHING I can do for my team when in early stage of the game. sometimes they get crushed, sometimes they win, but most of the times its us who are losing, and i keep falling and demoting, then i carry a few games, i get back, and so on. My mmr is around 2050 and im playing with diamond elo players, so its much harder to snowball for me, happens every 1 out of 10-15 games, where im tottaly fed and crush the whole enemy team. I just want to know how can i improve and get out of plat 1 elohell because this is last step im doing before deleting LoL because im seriously bad at the game, i cant climb, im hopeless... just dont know what to do anymore. I stopped flaming, I try not to blame my team, but so many times i try to roam or gank but they just dont want to cooperate which sets me behind and i just hate it. This makes me feel bad and i think im bad at the game. If any of you have any tips please help me. Thank you for reading.

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