Preseason Hype!

Preseason 2016 crests the horizon!
Welcome to Preseason 2016. We're trying to keep the conversation low-key for now with the Worlds final right around the corner but, with a pile of changes hitting the PBE soon, we wanted to get ahead with our gameplay goals for this preseason.
[READ THIS, IT'S AMAZING!]( I mean, it's a little scary too...a decent chunk of changes - but they seem awesome. Marksmen are gonna pewpew, vision is gonna level up, and jungle is gonna be less dragon-y early game! What's your thoughts on this? What are you excited for? What *scares* you? :-D Edit: I know, I know. NA > EU :-P However some of our dev team have, and are, answering questions and fleshing out some teaser information about the upcoming preseason: [Rioter Rundown]( [Full Thread]( [Developer Corner](
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