Supports, S ratings , Kills

I'm playing a lot as supports and mostly S is my primary goal. I came to realize that some support champions need ridiculously high KDA to get even S-. Support champions like {{champion:37}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:432}} ... who are known to take kills away from the adc by accident need high amount of kills to get S. Even if you accumulate a lot of assists you still not going to get S. I had a 0/0/59 match with {{champion:16}} with 86k healing done and it was only A. When i got 4/1/26 it was an S. This is only {{champion:16}} who rarely takes kills away because of her weak damage. So the evil prophet of ks-ing supports, {{champion:37}} , has to take almost as much kills as her adc to archive S. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Support role shouldn't be defined by kills.** If everything goes as it meant to be U dont take kills as a support... Kills are for the carries. It's simply tiresome that supports who don't ward, have the support mentality and build as supports get S rating by leeching on an unfortunate ADC and stealing his/her kills while leaving the poor soul to die. Some way assists should worth more rating wise for a support than kills, because ks-ing poke supports give false picture about how people supposed to play that certain champion on bot lane.
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