Poachers knife- the worst smite upgrade in the game

Ive been playing league for a pretty long time now and I have maned jungle ever since i started. I love the new spite upgrades they added in season 5 as they add allot more versatility to your smite and make it more useful in the mid to late game. Rangers trailblazer is useful for just about any jungler, stalkers blade is especially useful for ganking and crowd control and the skirmishers Sabre is great for full on champions. However, one upgrade seems almost useless for the most part and frankly, it's a wasted upgrade in my opinion. that's the poachers knife. On the surface, just looking at the stats, it seems like an appealing item for counter junglers. However, once you take it into a match, you quickly find it to be useless in most situations. It's main purpose is for counter jungling and stealing the enemy camps to slow down their jungler, but that's a very situational and very rare you ever get to use it's benefits as most of the time your gonna clear the cams on your teams side. But not only that but it's so close in concept to the rangers trailblazer that if you are planning on counter jungling, you would probably be better just getting the rangers trailblazer as it makes clearing camps out faster, hits multible monsters and has more situations it's useful in, not as much as the blade or sabre, but more than the knife. I would like you guys to comment below builds/champions/situations when the poachers knife is a good choice over the other upgrades. I, personally, think it should be taken out the game, not for being overpowered, but for being useless.
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