First Win of The Day Bonus

So i have been playing league of legends for more than 2 years, playing almost everyday and yet i don't own all champions and runes, since runes and champions cost so much it would take almost 6 years to get all champions and runes that is if you don't spend rp on champions and ip pages, league of legends is the grindiest game i have ever played usually in other games it would take me 8 months max to get everything that i need, well how about they reduce the grind slightly by getting first win of the day bonus in each game mode , instead of playing one game and getting first win of the day bonus but instead you would get first win of the day bonus in each game mode summoners rift, howling abyss (aram) and twisted treeline like in smite, i think that would help a lot, more people would be playing twisted treeline and aram and it would also reduce the queue time for twisted treeline.

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