@Riot Massive Kha Zix nerf

Was destroying kha zix necessary? From his release he has receiving nothing but nerfs. The proposed Q changes will make his duelling strength a lot weaker will make it so its practically impossible (100% impossible in competitve play) to catch someone whos ever so slightly isolated in a large scale fight. He can be dominant in solo q but its ridiculous to think that he was overwhelmingly good. Compare him to the likes of hecarim who does about the same damage only with 3 times the tankiness and has better teamfight as well. Shifting the Q damage almost entirely to the isolation mechanic was the perfect change and still struggles a lot against point and click fighters such as olaf irelia and poit and click supports preventing him from doing anything like alistar. Please revert this Q change it will make the champ useless. He can just exploit the constant overextending that takes place in solo q and prey on uncoordinated foes who walk through the jungle by themselves. I am not like Vayne mains who deny their champs being overpowere, 3shotting everything at 2 item by just rightclicking, and easy to play, he is strong in solo q play but nowhere near deserving nerfs. The Q change might not impact his 1v1s in the jungle but it will make anything else a lot worse. He now has such little burst damage realistically he will only really get off 1 q on the enemy ad along with sligtly enhanced auto attack which will only tickle them really. Before he could hope for them mispositioning as I said and cause meaningful damage I really dont like the changes and I have played over 1000 ranked games on him on various accounts and have monitored this champions changes closely. This one is by far the worst maybe its not evident to most of you at this point but trust me my predictions will prove to be fairly accurate. Change is good well this one is not!!!!

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