The new draft mode experience....

I played my first game with the new draft mode today and after reading thoughts on reddit and the na-boards i had the feeling i need to share my opinion with you and riot. Its freakin' awesome! Man riot, you did a hell of a good job! If a riot employee read this, please give everyone involved in this project a big, nice hug from me. I never had a better experience with randoms. Sometimes i forgot they are randoms and not premades. The new champ select looks awesome, is smooth and for a matter of fact: Thanks to the little notice no one forgot to lock. Everyone was nice and happy to get the role they want and NO one trolled with banning the pick intentions. Our support got their pick intention banned and admitted he dont have any other viable support. But everyone was nice to him, he picked maokai and we won. I am so happy and i think today i will think about lol the whole work day... i can not wait to play again just for this awesome draft mode.

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