How to solve the Afk problem. (maybe)

Today i tought, speaking with a friend about the afk problem, and how bad it is. Then, suddenly i had an idea: what if we allow a player to be a substitute of the afk? It's an obvious idea of course, but we have some problems about owning or not a champion, how to substitute, how to act how to give exp and gold and similar. I had some ideas about all, so i'll just explain my point of view on this. Imagine a match, 5 vs 5, let's take 1 man of 1 team, for example xin zhao (just randomly ok?) Now this player goes afk for more than 5 (ora maybe 7 or 10) minutes. Well the player cannot reconnect anymore to the match (BUT he has to wait the end of the match to start a new match AND he can obviously be reported for being afk). Now we have another player, 1 external ok? Who wants to start a game. Well in the Queue, together with the blind pick or the draft or similar we have the "substitute Queue" Now this Queue will match a player with other in game players who have 1 (or more afk) Before accepting the match the player will see items and stats of BOTH teams and decide to play or not. If he refuses 5 games he will not be able to play again in this Queue for that day. A player can queue up this way only for 3 matches each day. If a substitute wins a game he will receive a little more IP (maybe). Having or not champions or runes doesn't matter: for that game you'll have to play with the runes and the champion (skin too) of the afk, just the name will change, and of course the player. About the champion whose player is afk... Maybe, but just maybe this champ should get (ONLY when the substitute comes, NOT if the original player reconnects) an amount of money and experience: the experience should be the same of the lowest level beetween both teams diminished by 2 (levels) The gold should be the same of the lowest amount beetween both teams (total amount eh) - 500 (or -100? or -1000? dunnow) Or not. Let's proceed with the example: Xin is afk for 10 minutes. A player connects as him, before connecting he sees the builds of both teams, the situation, the objectives, total gold and levels (and he can see the stats of his champion too, i mean the updated stats if he reconnects) he chooses to play. Let's take enemy blitzrank, he's level 16 while allied thresh is 17 and oter champions are all 18. Xin will reconnect at level 14 (Als if he afked for example at level 8) But Blitzcrank, gathered 3000 gold in this time, while thresh just 2700 (other champions way more), then Xin will get 2200 (-500) gold when he reconnects. And this is all, maybe this canot fix the problem, but it could help.
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