Healthier Jungle Clear: Problems with Krug Camp

Hello :) My Problem is that my Jungle Clear is Fast but not Healthy enough. Before Krugs get more valuable i could do pretty much every possible Junglepath and got healthy enough Level 3 or 4. Now Krugs are essential and most of Time Red--> Krugs --> etc is the best possible Route. My Problem is i know about the Trick of kiting Camps ( for example i hit Red 3 times and he can only hit me 2 times in return ) so some basics are known. The Krugs make me most of time so low that i can continue my Junglepath BUT iam so low that a fight for crab or an invade will most of time force me to loose ground and go back. Is there something i can do to clear Krugs without loosing a lot HP? Please specific for {{champion:113}} , most of Champs i didint know and i like her Design.
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