Rift Scuttler changes?

I think the **Rift Scuttler** needs some changes. What I mean is: - it only runs, nothing more - when you kill it, it **just** summons a speed shrine giving movement speed and vision - it gives only 75 xp and 70 gold (it gives a little bit more xp for each level-up) - its armor and mr go down to 10 from 60 when CCed It is a little bit helpful early game because it doesn't attack you and the CCs last twice as long on it, but it gives only 75 xp. Also, late game it is just something that walks in the river and you kill while you are waiting for Dragon/ Baron because it annoys you walking around. **In my opinion**, the Rift Scuttler should be more useful early and late game, giving something more than movement speed and vision. **EDIT**: Guys, I did **not** said that the Rift Scuttler is useless and unbalanced, I'm just saying that it **deserves** some buffs like more xp, gold and more things, giving advantage to the team who has slain it.
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