remove the new ryze ult

i think the the new ryze ult should be removed from the game but before you go on a rampage and post hate comment about me being salty i need to clear thing up and explain my point. #1 it doesn't fit his kit or playstyle ( ok lore says that he learns it and rune war stuff but seriously riot you have a whole scroll of spells plus his super size book for spells and you came up with an ability that doesn't fit him ) #2 Way to much troll potential ( i know it can be used in a productive way in teamfights such as escaping repositioning and engaging how ever like bard ult there is too much people that use it to troll team mates cuz they have this thing of wanting to make their own team mates rage ) #3 Riot you let's be honest you can do way better than that for a ryze ult {{champion:13}} plz give me a new ult {{champion:13}} {{item:3070}}

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