When the one shot wins the game... I feel you ADC mains

So, A disappointment. I had a match against Yasuo and Zed. It wasn't a messy one. My Kog'Maw and Sona on bot did their job keeping Jinx and Zyra at bay, I killed Kindred, my top Poppy did a glorious defense against a Yasuo my Lissandra was a bit aggro but usually, she performed well. The literal Cluster Bass started when Zed started to roam for some "cherry picking". It wasn't the main problem it was a start. Some play style change made difference and it corrected the bad things... more or less... then Yasuo happened on top. Poppy reached the limit of her tolerance and got killed. It was my fault but I helped out other lanes and help the advance of others. It was kinda OK for her. IT wasn't the end of the game. The end of the game was a messed up baron where somehow for some reason I just basically seen Kog HP vanish. I don'T know what caused it or what actually happened and I don't care what caused the death of his but it was a combination of 2 spells that is landed on him. 1 from Zed or Yasuo and 1 basic attack from someone. I ask the community about it. Do you think Riot should do some extreme overhaul? ADCs taking _reasonable_ (4-6 hits) damage isn't that far-fetched of an idea. Yasuo can have a massive amount of effective health with his passive even if armor is applied. I know "learn to play... or ban it" comments will be there but for Fs sake... Zed and Yasuo reserves a chunky amount of bans in 23-48% of the games. It is abnormal. So does the things that Yasuo can do. Without plans and without reflexes. Please, comment what do you think about not just the champions but the whole situation that the ADCs are in right now. _Thank you!_

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