Why 75% of the junglers i get, they feed my enemy laner and never show up after that?

I swear this isn't even selective memory... out of 20 games only 5 of them, junglers don't do that. (Because i either don't need the jungler's help or they just farm). Might it be turret dives at level 2\3 or suicidal ganks where they shove themself at the enemy Level 6 annie while they have 150HP or even trying to solo gank a laner while the enemy jungler is just next to them. WHY YOU GUYS DO THAT Everytime i see my jungler walking around my lane i start sweating and cringing because i know that my Lee Sin will shove himself into Annie's full ready rotation while still being level 4... I never ask for jungler's help because i know that if i don't need his help, he will have more time to put on dragons and other lanes, they even show up without the need... I never even ask for blue and when they offer it i just say i don't need it in hope that they will just ignore the existence of my lane, i'm more scared of my own jungler's gank that the enemy jungler's ganks...
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