Invasion: It's possible!

Hi community, So my first post about the new Invasion game mode was pretty much me on tilt after so many attempts and failing, this post however is completely opposite. I set sail to find some random people and I quote "Random People" to make premade 5s with to do the hard missions. Needless to say at first we were failing the first couple as we're getting to grips of each other and then we started to win and synergies, then later we started to make strategies and really think about what we can do whilst learning the way that NPC's spawn. After that is was basically all up hill and the missions became fairly easy to do, still failing here and there but it never effected us, we just kept on trotting forward. Myself and the random 4 completed without voice chat, only using the chat box given to us and the pings available to use. We'd also keep each other positive when winning a round we celebrated with a big "NICE!" or a "WOW!", even a "GREAT JOB POPPY!". Eventually doing the very last mission "Get an S or higher in onslaught" with 6 S+, an A+ and an S+ overall finish. This game mode is possible, you just need to give yourself time, breaks, breathers and really focus on what is happening around the map. I know some random players can be difficult, even I can be difficult at times and could do with a scolding. Just keep your hopes up, Shmoeggle _Here's something I stumbled across, which could help you out with Invasion._ https:// _Thank Reddit User: DannDanns

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