Zac update

Hi there, now I know when things change people can go ape sh*t about it, well I try to look at what they changed more specifically and I must say I do not like the Zac changes. To be honest the old Zac's ultimate was way better, not only early on, but also late game I think (teamfighting). A flash R to knock people away or into your team was way quicker and more efficient in my opinion, giving the enemy team less time to react and walk away. Now you have to charge it, which leaves a gap of +/- 1.5 seconds for the enemy to walk or flash out of it, meaning its easier to dodge. I know you can cast it immedately but yet then there are 2 bounces and some movespeed taken away to disengage in comparison to the old ultimate. In some way i like the q, but i think the casting needs to be a bit more natural, having to do an autoattack to be able to smack them together isnt quite what i was hoping for (meaning that f.e you could use the old hitbox, and slap everything together that is inside). Well i know these are just my personal thoughts, but i gotta say that Zac, even though he was my go-to jungler, and the changes have a decent idea behind it, has less attraction to play to me (his voice changing thingy is awesome btw :p) Edit: These are just first impressions and not final thoughts btw. -Speknekje
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