Autofill legit rework suggestion.

So I like myself and others do hate the autofill queue. Its perfect for high elo's where I understand diamond / challenger players can be faced with queue times of 30+ minutes sometimes in 60+ minutes. but in lower elo its kinda pointless and only speeds up queue timer by a couple of minutes and alot of us prefer to have our own main role / second role we would like to participate in. With the majority of the time autofill placing us in support which I can understand with the lack of support players in lower elo. Now I've seen suggestions for the autofill system like "Add your least preferred role" and then players can pick the role they don't want to be placed in following autofill which is good but doesn't solve the system altogether. So what is the idea? If a game queue is taking particularly longer than the expected time e.g. 10-15 minutes. a message will pop up and state the following: "This game is taking particularly longer than usual to match up" "Would you like to switch to an autofilled role or continue with your preferred roles?" 2 options below the question: "AUTOFILL" "PREFERRED" Optional: Below the the autofill option is an secondary option asking for your least preferred role. Here users can pick the role they don't want to be autofilled into. If the user picks the Autofill option then they accept the role that they're given out of the 3 remaining roles they can choose and start their game. If the user picks the Preferred option then they'll continue in the queue and every 10-15 minutes (or whatever expected time says) the same message will pop up offering the user the same two options. This time difference allows the user a choice whether they want to continue on their endeavour or to switch. If the user wants to switch to autofill after already picking "Preferred" then the option for "Autofill" will remain clickable so they can switch at any time.
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