Who came up with Camille needs to rethink his carrer path

Jesus christ, could Riot come up with a more retarded champion concept? She has blades for her legs. Her name is Camille, the Steel Shadow. Steel Shadow. My 2 yo brother can come up with a better title than that. Steel Shadow. Darius, the Metal Slicer Juggernaut. Xin Zhao, the point-stabby-killer. FFS Than there are the names of the spells. For fucks sake. Adaptive Defenses? ADAPTIVE DEFENSES? Did they come up with a name or the ability first? "Hey guys, this champion has no passive ability, lets give it a shield." "Okay, what do you wanna call it. It has to be something that fits its concept and character." "Uh, I don't know. Let's make it gain different shields based on damage types. Like, adaptive defenses." "Adaptive Defenses it is." "Wait, no ..." Precision Protocol, I can buy that. Tactical Sweep? Can you not put "tactical" on anything and have it be an ability name. Tactical Grenade. Tactical Knockup. Tactical Auto-attack. Not to mention it doesn't make any sense. She sweeps her legs in a radius that is wider than then length of her legs. And she does it in a retarded fashion. What is that combat move? I don't think I'd ever seen something retarded like that but there it is. What the fuck is hookshot? Why not Leg Grab? Why not Foot Grip? Pinky Pull? Yeah, because that would be retarded, right? Lego Extendo. And the ultimate has ULTIMATE in it's fuckin name. And for the sake of it, they put hextech as a prefix. Riot is running out of ideas. I could've come up with a better design with the same fkin abilities. A 300- range assassin that utilizes electrocuted whips. Has a swipe, can pull and grapple, makes more sense for ultimate and passive aswell. Also, Q so fkin much. You could've made it build stacks of Electrocution for each attack, like Ashe's Q, to unleash a stronger attack. Hire new guys, Riot. Better get back to finding "random persons on the street". TL;DR: Your design is bad, and you should feel bad.

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