Don't buff another mid lane champions

Just nerf Orianna and Syndra. Riot you're hypocrite. You create bigger problems buffing a lot mid lane champions. Riot: We like Orianna and Syndra so we don't nerf them. Buffing another mid lane champions will save them from nerfs. You can't escape reality. Orianna and Syndra need nerf. Even Twitch Chat knows reality. Borianna vs Press R meta is very exciting! ResidentSleeper Jungle: we nerf for diversity Mid: we buff for diversity Wonder what games they are watching that they think jungle impact is still too high, and that midlane is balanced / in need for some buffs ?? It is ridiculous. Riot's refusal to balance Syndra and Orianna is just annoying at this point. Buff mid champs for diversity? Why not just nerf Syndra and Orianna who have been pick/ban in LCS for a year now.

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