Does the Game Need a New Permanent Game Mode? (Poll)

What do you guys think? I know Riot fears a new game mode because of Dominion. It was a failure in their eyes but it was my favorite game mode of all time. Anyway, do you think the game needs a new perma game mode? If you agree, please tell what kind of mode would you like. In my opinion a new game mode for casual players would be welcomed by the community. Fast paced and fast games for casual players. I think this is the future for League of Legends. 45-50 min games are too much. You get home after work...and you have to play a 20min laning phase and a 50min game. Suddently the night ends and you only played one game of League. I trully think the future of League of Legends is in a new game mode for casual players. Have a nice day {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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