Games are to short, and champions deals to much damage.

I know this topic has been going on for years, but I feel like this year it's even worse than usual. The major changes from previous seasons has always been something like introducing Herald, Scuttle, new camps, plants and new runes. But this year they introduced us new dragons, a new elder dragon and a new way to get souls, including 2 rift heralds, also topping it off with huge Assassin buffs. This season went from 30-40 mins games to 15 min surrenders about 70% of the time. After about 500 games played since the patch for this season ended I have seen a total of 4 elder dragons taken, ~50 souls from either team, and marksmen getting 100-0 in less than 0.03 seconds even with their support/Guardian right next to them. It will without doubt be harder to play support this season than it was last season, since assassins didn't get the strong point before the level 11 mark, now they get it a level 9, seeing my ADC vanish before my eyes before I even get 1 item done as support is hell. The dragons are just boring too. I don't even understand how to ward the map correctly where all new map places are even after 500 games, I wonder how esport will handle this. I hope Riot will see how bad it is when they won't see a single elder dragon all season in the esport perceptive. ___ My solution do this is to nerf lethality once again, or buff HP of all champions. When Kalista got her buff this patch, he winrate finally became stable after 2 freaking years of waiting, all they needed was to give her some HP and armor and she was good. Why do they refuse to do this with other Marksmen? It freakings helps them a lot. I know MF and Akphelios is completely broken atm. But it's only cause they got higher armor/HP stats than every other adc. Give all other adcs those stats and MF and Alphelios won't be bonkers broken anymore.
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