Some happy reply on Taliyah 6.18

Even logined in to say words of thankfulness to you Guys.Even tho,I was reading patchnotes and didn't give a bear about them untill now.From release Taliyah was the first champion I enjoyed and started to main,playing well,while others thought of her as a trash.I even had a feeling,that it is a champion,whom was designed for me,while having great picture in background from her history in Runterra.I was rocking summoners rift,while enjoying playing league,which was my dream from huge loose streak,which made a game just a living hell.I thought,I had to quite playining this dumb bottom of the sea and check real life.But Taliyah with her logging song.I enjoyed her,she made me back.You buffed her to have better waveclear(WOW,u remember that time?Buffing waveclear,saying,she's very weak?).She became all for my league games Now you just like:"Huh,maaaaan,sheees been picked on pro scene and strong.Lets put her in the DIRT,maaaaan!"(Lb,Velcoz,syndra,cassio,victor)-wink-wink ;) So,IF you want a balance,you'd say "Balance is weakness" and just let you be oneshoted.But when you see some man,performing just as better then others,who just making it elegant and lining champion good sites,you decide to take back goods and put some sand people on runterras dirt. I tried Talitpyah in 3v3.I,being her main,did as poor as Urghot's rework.Just can't do a shit,being trying to waveclear for ages.I am disapointed and don't have real will to play this game anymore as previous time Ty,rito

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