Fair Matchmaking?

Hey Guys, I am really tired of playing league. Why? Well to make it short: The Matchmaking is %%%%ed up! (if you dont like my language censor it in your own head) To make it a longer story: Since the beginning of the season the matchmaking has gotten very....interesting... I am concerned about the normal que (draft), flex 5o5 and flex 3o3. My issue is always facing high elo opponents. The game mode doesn't make a difference for the issue. As you can see in my profile I am bronze/silver, so a thing i´d consider a average player. But on a regular base I am facing opponents being plat or higher. first of all, these players dont represent my skill level at all, completely destroying me and my team. These kind of matches arent nether fair or fun. And there are a lot of them recently. I try to be a nice player doing the best I can, but when I see and (surprise surprise) loose these kind of match ups two things happen: I am getting kinda toxic, for example using the words "Matchmaking" "Riot" and a "F-word" (and I dont mean "fine") in a certain order in one sentence (surprisingly I didnt get in trouble yet) The second thing happening I am getting tired of league. I cant get fair match ups in nether casual nor ranked modes. So simply playing a couple of normal's after a ranked loosing streak doesnt work. I generally love league. But if the matches cant get even close to balanced, there is no reason of playing it. It just causes frustration. And yeah. Its true. Playing with and/or against better player improves your own skill, I am totally aware of that. But if its so out of balance, you learning nothing! I dont care playing against Gold ppl, its not easy but playable. But playing against Plat or in some cases dia doesnt make sense nor fun. Yes I know, you guys %%%%ed the matchmakings butt to get shorter queue times, but is it really worth that? I have no issue waiting 5 min to get a fair match and loosing a fair match is totally fine with me. I am happy to say GG after a good game, possibly taking 35-45 min. But 85% of my games this season werent good games. @Riot: If you match me in ranked with plat, then let me also play with my plat friends! If you dont let me play with my plat friends, I dont want to face plat players. Period! So I started turning to other Esports titles like Overwatch and CS:GO. Both of these game get their shit together and provide reasonable matchmaking in casuals as well as ranked matches, making them more playable and fun. I mean the Issue isnt new, but has gotten way worse this season. I know from other players having the same issues, and in the end its costing Riot real money: I havent bought RP this season or last seaon. Are you facing the issues like me? So I hope Riot is reading this and might consider thinking about this issue. More players will turn away form the game, if there isnt a change soon. That would be really sad. Because deep inside I believe the League is still a good game. Gladius
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