Janna's W (how to make it less annoying)

I was just thinking but, why is janna's W a point and click ability ? Literally almost every other support in the game has their cc as some for of skillshot for example. Lulu's Q is a skillshot, Braum's Q is a skillshot, Soraka Q, Tahm Kench Q, Bard Q, Karma Q. And some of the champs that dont work work like janna W are zilean E,Nami's E, and Sona's Passive with E as the last spell used. And here is my reason for why zileans and nami's E is not quite as annoying. Zilean E doesnt deal damage, and Nami's E doesnt deal too much damage and the slow in comparison isnt as strong. As for sona its kind of a pick what you really want, most of the time you will use Q before the passive so you can deal a good amount of damage, or maybe use W since it works like an exhaust. So i was thinking, why does janna have a point and click ability that deals 280 base damage at rank 5 and that slows for 40% at base without ap, why not make it a skillshot like every other champ, there is a reason why janna dominates solo Q, and this could be a way to deal with her annoying laning phase. And please Janna mains, do not come to this post to just write, "this dumb", i want to hear the reason why you think it could be a good or a bad thing. Also keep in mind, i play janna if i have to support, and i find it complete stupidity that i can 1v1 the adc because my W chunks that health bar real good.
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