Why are Riot nerfing Veigar?

So currently on the PBE Veigar is receiving the following nerfs: - Dark Matter (W) damage reduced to 100/150/200/250/300 from 120/170/220/270/320. - Dark Matter (W) AP Ratio reduced to .8 from 1. And what I want to know is why? Okay so Veigar is quite popular at the moment but he's not got an amazingly high win rate, he is quite simply, a strong pick. If Riot are dead set on nerfing him then the logical thing to do is nerf either the AP scaling OR the base damage... not both. OR, what I think people would be happier with - removing the 80% of the targets ap part from his ult, and maybe slightly increasing the ap ratio to compensate, to significantly weaken his laning phase. One of the biggest reasons I feel as though people are finding him so difficult to play against is because they are being fed the wrong information. People seem to feel like they're being pressured to play an assassin when the enemy picks Veigar, when this is in fact not true. If you main an assassin, such as Zed, Talon or Katarina, then by all means, you're going to have a very easy time in lane and can get fed rather easily, however, it's what you do with this lead that decides whether you win or not. Veigar will out scale you HARD if you force yourself into an assassin, as his damage and utility is a LOT higher. So you need higher knowledge of your assassin to close out the game quickly against him, before he gets to his powerful late game. Now we get to the interesting part. Who else counters Veigar who is not an assassin, and the interesting answer is almost everyone. If you are experienced enough with the champion you play, then you can always make laning phase for him a nightmare. No matter how weak the champion is early game, they are almost always going to be able to out trade Veigar. Whether you're a weak ass early game champion like {{champion:30}} or {{champion:8}} or a powerful lane bully like {{champion:134}} or {{champion:7}} you can always out trade him as so much of his damage comes from his ap ratios as opposed to their base damage. Not only this but his mana costs are extremely high, meaning if he does try and trade back with you, he will find himself going oom very quickly and unable to stack his q. Almost all champions are able to pressure Veigar in the early stages of the game with the laughable exceptions of champions such as {{champion:84}} Heck, you don't even have to pressure him early if you're not a comfortable mid laner. Just pick long range poke champions who scale excellently into the late game as well, like {{champion:115}} and {{champion:101}} and Veigar will have an absolutely miserable time while you half health him with a single q and make him force to back. Picking champions like these are one of the most if not THE best way to counter Veigar as he is almost always going to a non factor even in the late game. The final way you can try and counter him is through picking a champion who can shove the lane very easily and force him to farm under tower. While he may have a very easy time clearing waves after a few items, early game he will miss a LOT of q stacks and go oom very quickly if he attempts this. Champions I would recommend for this are {{champion:74}} and {{champion:90}} In my honest opinion the best way for Riot to nerf Veigar would be for them to make a champion spotlight for him, since he's never had one, that highlights his strengths and weaknesses and explains to players how to counter him.

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