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I really feel like Shen is falling behind in the current META,like he gets countered by so many champions and it feels really hard to lane against that counters. So i'm here with the hope of getting some good tips. So how do i have to deal with a Darius as a Shen,should i go with more like a all in build or? Same thing with Vladimir i feel like if i don't all in him ill gonna lose the lane 100%. And there is Gangplank which shots at me 100 times,and he has clearly a better global ult than Shen,and i feel like that i have to all in him too or i wont be able to farm. And there are many more counters,most of them have hard poke or they can outdamage me easily,bcs. Shen's Q can be easily countered with MR or HP. Any tips? EDITED: Don't tell me too ban them,bcs. i know anyways that there is still a lot of champions that will zone me,which means i wont be able to farm,and Shen Q early on cant even last hit a caster minion after one turret shot,which means after one turret shot i will probably need two auto attacks to kill the caster minion.
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