Veigar stacking is broken

So I'm laning Veigar as ori, I kill him at about level 4 etc, and not much else happens in the lane for a while. Teamfight at about 15 minutes breaks out, I end up dying to Veigar, not a big issue. He's not particularly fed, I'm outfarming him, I'm sitting on about 250ap, not farm from a rabadons at 18 minutes. Yet, somehow, this veigar has morello, rabadons, a dark seal with 3 or 4 stacks, and he's sitting at over 700 AP already, with about 250 from his PASSIVE alone. How is this at all balanced? I have more farm, we're about the same k/d/a, and yet he has as much AP as i have in total, just from a passive ability. At this point I can almost never even go close because if I'm hit with a single ability, I just get R'd and insta killed. How is this not a more widespread issue? I know he isn't exactly the most popular champion, but I just find the odds are immediately stacked against you when you're facing a Veigar lately. I could understand if there was counterplay or outplay potential, which there is from his Q, W, and E to some extent, but a point and click R nuke that will kill any squishy if they take any poke is just ridiculous. Any tips on what to do in this situation? I must re-emphasise, I hard outfarmed him, he wasn't particularly fed etc, so how is he allowed to be THAT far ahead at 18 minutes.

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