I would like to know why "katarina" triggers so much hate on this forum

Literally, when we talk about champions that have a huge play ratio like Graves that has been abused of his OP status for like 10 patches there are people ready to defend him, when we talk about a champion like Kata with a play rate of 2% played by only OTPs at this point and his main rarely (because she has more bad matchups than good) it feels like you are talking about Satan in a church. Like really what is your problem all. All the other assassins do what Kata does in a much more faster (and sometimes un-healthier way) and yet I don't see them get the same hate Katarina gets. Try to make a challenge with yourself, if you are not practical of assassins, then try to pick her in a game and see how much difficult and frustrating she is at the current status. To not talk about people that ban her while on your team because "People shouldn't play a cancer champ". We, Katarina mains, on both Reddit and here have been asking for QOL CHANGES, no buff, nothing, just QoL changes, and we get ignored, while Kassadin gets buffed hugely as soon as his win ratio goes sub 49%? Are you kidding me? 4 buffs in a row until patch 8.17 What we want is just more freedom in our gameplay and be smoother in what we do. Katarina since her release has been hit by 9 nerfs (direct and indirect[2gunblade nerfs - denied of luden's echo]) and 2 buffs.
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