A hidden minigame inside lol??

im pretty sure everyone is familiar with this, it's called "blame the jungler" and it's really easy, you get to be the jungler thanks to the awesome match making, and then you start getting blamed as soon as someone starts losing his lane or dies in 1v1 like wtf people, a jungler has many things to do, he's not just ur personal guard wiping ur ass whenever u drop shit this is not salt, this just a request, so please before you blame the jungler for your own mistakes in lane just try and see where the jungler was and what he was doing before you start your "report lee" rage some junglers just are not designed for ganking in the first place (nida, trynda etc) some junglers need shit loads of farm (jax yi shyvana udyr), also the jungler needs to have jung objective control (drake, herald, baron) so he cant just sit in ur fucking lane because u just dont know how to lane and go agressive and get caught all the time, even if you get ganked, sometimes the jung is too far from you and cant do anything to you im just sick of junglers being blamed for other people's shit...it's just frustrating...

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