When will you balance out already champs like fiora and garen?

They both has insane mobility with some cdr, and really big damage, due to the new items they could tank whole apc combo and stay alive, especially garen who could survive 3 apc combo himself alone. Why did you even buff fiora, given that mega cancer even higher mobility? She is worse than riven, jumping around, denying most of the CC you will threw at her, and when she pops her ult on you, its basically GAME OVER no matter what champion do you play, she will outduel you simply because of her total broken heal passive + life steal she builds. Garen? Take warmog on him, and has mundo ultimate as passive, could kill half hp carry only with ultimate, and E does in late game MORE DAMAGE than ultimate from this guy {{champion:62}} , really riot? really? It would be ok, if E keeps its slow crossing when damaging somebody, but nope, you simply cant escape from it.
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