How to fix Nidalee's toxicity.

Since Nidalee currently sits as a no risk high reward champion I've taken to writing this post. Cougar form abilities now use mana. Takedown damage reduced. > Added, Numerous ways you could do this: Takedown chooses between scaling with AD or AP, instead of being both it will choose what is higher. >Damage starts to increase at a lower health percentage, damage increase has a cap. > Change the values on which the damage is increased. 1% damage for 1% health for example. >Make it a skillshot like Yasuo's Q. Because part of the toxicity of this ability is the fact it is guaranteed damage. And is probably the highest guaranteed damage spell in the game. Correct me if I'm wrong. Spear hitbox fixed - > Added, Upon reading the comments I believe this would be a better option than just reducing the damage > Cooldown increased to 15/13/12/10/8 - Cougar form abilities reduce the cooldown by 1 second. > Increased mana cost to 100 at all ranks - if a spear connects with an enemy minion, champion or jungle monster half the cost is refunded. >Could have some system that reduces the damage a champion takes if they cannot see nidalee, this would prevent nid from randomly sniping 70% of your health with pure luck. >Could also create a system that reduces the damage of the spear the lower the targets health is, making it unable to actually kill a target, this way nid players are forced to commit for a kill, rather than press Q until they land a good spear. Opens up a whole new level of counterplay, the comments agree that playing against Nid is like being in the thunder plains of FFX. Pounce cooldown increased to 17 seconds - cooldown resets when a target within visual distance is marked as hunted - No longer becomes auto aim ability on a hunted target. Increasing the room for mistakes and counterplay. This way she can use it to relocate to land a spear, then its cooldown is immediately refreshed allowing her to do her damage combo. But now she will no longer be able to press W continuously to escape for free if she makes a mistake. But then again you would rather give Skarner 2 damage on his Q than fix something properly. I would say change her abilities so they do % health damage instead, but then she would end up useless like {{champion:60}} and unlike you rito I actually want a balanced game, not where champions get nerfed to shit and are unplayable for 9 months, whilst you ignore those that need dire attention and give skarner 2 damage on his Q.
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