The Urf Dilemma

"Ultra Rapid Fire will not return at the first of April" Why are so many falling for this? They mentioned that URF will not return at the first of april. Why not just say "ALL featured gamemodes will not return, but will return in Rotating Queue"? They mentioned urf just so we get sad, and then we actually get it on the 1st of April. Just wait and see. There might be some counterarguments saying "URF is the only gaemmod we caer about lulz" Well, wouldn't they just say "ALL featured gamemodes" just to keep the URF dilemma hidden? By saying "URF will not return 1st of April" they got a lot more hate than they would if they said "ALL featured gamemodes will not return". If they wouldn't release URF 1st of April, they would try to hide it and not say it to our face. They would keep it hidden so they dont get that much shít from the community. Lets calm down about expectations for now and be patient :) EDIT: Mecha Syrena brought up a good piece of evidence. The Amumu party that was last year, in celebration to urf, is having another party! The invitation was written by none other than POPSTAR URF. Convinced yet?
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