SOLVED: Easy way to get Champion 6 & 7 Masteries

Hey everyone, Having troubles getting your mastery shards to upgrade your champ to level 6 and 7? Well here's an easy way to do it. The grading system is determined on how well you performed with a champion in a **_certain position_** compared to everyone else who plays that position. This therefore means if you play someone like jinx ADC, there's probably 100,000s jinx ADC you're being compared to. However if you play jinx jungle/mid/top, there's probably around 50 or so people who have played that and are likely trolls (so really only around 20 who played it properly). Therefore if you have a decent game as jinx mid, you're bound to get a really high grade as, to the automated grading system, you look like one of the best on your server. I did this with Anivia, played her top lane and got 6 consecutive S-/S/S+ ranks, giving me an easy level 7. So try it out, you may actually find it's a good way of breaking the meta and seeing new positions that could work! Here's a few I've tried (they're not hugely off meta that it's impossible to do well and so this makes it easier): {{champion:34}} Top/Jungle/ADC/Support {{champion:154}} Mid/Support {{champion:40}} Mid/Jungle {{champion:16}} Mid/Jungle {{champion:83}} Support/Mid {{champion:143}} Top/Jungle {{champion:75}} Mid (AP Nasus) {{champion:28}} Mid It's really easy to get S ranks this way and really confuses enemy teams so you usually end up doing well anyway as they try and be cocky.
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