Lower the price of the adc items and make the new ones

Yes,in this meta where litterally every other role can 1v1 and kill the adc with only 1 item,ad carries need 2 or in some cases 3 or 4 items before they can have some impact on the game. This whole season people have been complaining about the junglers and how they are struggling in the jungle with the gold income and how they lack diversity,junglers are weak,few midlanes assasins got MS nerfs(QQ) bla bla bal... but now when the ad carries are in the weaker spot than ever in the game and have less impact than other roles suddenly no one gives a shit. Well i do and that is why i created this thread to raise the awareness that something needs to be done about it. In this league of mobility,knockups,point and click cc,burst damage and percent health damage adc are the ones who needs to survive all of this and in the same time to deal sustained damage.What i wanna say is just compare all the other times with the adc items and u will see my point.Just compare the price and the item efficiency. Where ap mages needs only 2300 gold to complete morrelo and it gives em -80 ap -20cdr -mana regen and a unique passive griveous wounds the adc need 3800 gold to complete IE and that item will start to really kick in late game with 3 or 4 more items.And guess what,that ap mage with just morrelo can kill squishy adc or supp with couple of spells. Where junglers need only 2250 gold to complete their jungle item which gives em bunch of stats and utility and with just jungle item can two shots squishies early game if they are playing Rengar,Nidalee,Rek sai, or in the Cinderhulk case where the jungler is tanking ur dmg with ease while slowly killing u in the same time.But who cares now about the ad carries as we finnally have HEALTHY jungle and jungle diversity. And even the nerfed Bloodthirster costs 3500 gold which is more than Deathcap(3300) or Luden Echo(3100) and now just imagine what is more stronger adc with BT or Mage\Assasin with DA or LE.Tank items are even more cheaper Randuin(2850), FH(2450),thornmail(2100). I think the ADC current state is the most notable in the LCS where u can see a few carries always being picked and banned like Sivir because she has spellshield and therefore she is safer than other carries,and her ultimate is really useful to boost her teammates for engage or disengage.Kalista is also one them because she have a good utilty and she is a very safe adc because of her passive and really good sustain dmg with lifesteal items. The point is, it seems nowdays the best ad carries in this meta are the ones who brings utility and can survive the teamfights and other roles will deal damage. Ad carries are no longer carries,they are uttility champions who deal some damage and struggling just to keep themselves and their supports alive and that scenario is really disturbing and i hope this will soon change.
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