Riot actually buffed Nasus to gain a huge amount of stacks from jungle camps. That may have sounded like it's going to be broken and when you look at numbers it looks like it. 400 stacks in 10 minutes is nothing impossible rn. But my God, every goddamn Nasus jungle I see (high diamond btw) is just farming for 30 minutes, refusing to gank (picked Lissandra against Diana btw how much more free ganks does he want?) and when they are pushing down our lanes Nasus players still farm jungle and say "wait i will carry". And even if you get to late game with 1000 stacks Nasus they are useless cause they get kited like kids. Riot please revert this buff, I am really not happy to have to ban Nasus just for the sake of NOT HAVING HIM IN MY TEAM.

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