Being an ADC main in 2017 LoL is just a joke... do something about it

RIOT... face the facts... LoL has become a game that is played by one shotting opponents for kills... and ADCs are left SOOOOO far behind when it gets to burst dmg because landing basic attacks from a safe distance is now a joke... since 90% of the champs have jumps and get to you like nothing... Also... why do champs with 3000-4000 HP builds have more burst than an ADC that plays with 1600HP build? ONE GOOD REASON RIOT!!! Not many... ONE!!! I was playing Kalista last game... the other team had a caitlyn and a Blitzcrank... now... blitzcrank caught me at lvl 6... no AP items on him... he does his combo and takes away 80%!!!! of my HP... cait needed only one Q to kill me and I was from FULL HP!!! Blitzcrank is a SUPPORT!!!! HOW DOES A SUPP TANK TAKE ALL MY HP IN ONE SHOT??? Simple... this game is unbalanced and the ADCs are the worst champs in game... we ADC mains keep playing them only because we love the role.... Now... the first person that starts crying in this thread about a fed vayne... simple... go back to school and learn some math... Vayne in early game is one of the easiest champs to counter... now if you feed her... it's YOUR fault... Also, vayne's basic attacks have so low range that she is in range for ALL the on target skills in game... so stop crying and respect the dude that outplayed you all game long... on the other hand... how about Ashe dmg? mediocre at best... Sivir? the same and with low range basic attacks.... Kalista??? Terrible dmg... I need to land 300 basic attacks to do a damn E to get a kill when most champs can one shot me before I land 3 of them... Caitlyn's dmg is in her traps if you want to do a lot... but to step on these you have to be an imbecile since they are so easy to spot... When LoL began ADCs were supposed to be the squishy dmg dealers that did more dmg than the rest of the champs but were easy to kill... now they have become middle of the pack in dmg and they still are ridiculously easy to kill... even easier than before... RIOT... either give ADCs more burst dmg in addition to their sustained and make them relevant champs and not an easy target that gets one shot under turret... or down the burst of everyone else... Because most people love mid and top lane they cry about ADCs being noobs.... well newsflash... ADC mains are the best players in the game... because they are not playing LoL... they're playing survivor... running from so many champs that can one shot them that every opponent team has at least 3... When I see a Brand support, I understand that Brand is mainly a mid laner, an AP carry... so I understand him doing a lot of dmg... but Blitzcrank??? NO! that's just a badly made champ with a lot more dmg than he should have for his skillset... I was playing a game before... I was Ashe and I had landed 15 kills... I also had 5 deaths... do you know how I died? All of them were Rengar ulties... because all he needed to do was to jump on me and do 1 Q!!!! 1 Q!!! from point blank... that is half a second... now tell me... how much time does it take Ashe to take down a Rengar with 3000HP? More than half a second of course... and many many basic attacks... You can tell me I am a noob and I cry because I am not plat or diamond and I am unskilled... but what I say is simple math... elementary school math... if you want to have pure dmg dealer champs... they should do MORE dmg than the rest of them champions... not be the easiest champs to kill and just mediocre in dmg... The only adc that needs a nerf in dmg is Twitch... and what I think is that if they take away Twitch's ability to stealth again after every kill or assist, he would be ok... because you could jump him easier at least... Please tell me your opinions... and people of RIOT... you update assassins... ok... good... how about an update on ADC marksmen? maybe? someday? Instead of that you created the ultimate ADC destroyer... the great CAMILLE... the champ that has become no.1 ban in EVERY pro game... now if pros can't beat her, how should a Silver player like me do that??? Waiting for your answers... and please be friendly... I'm not here to trade insults like an idiot...
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